どもーす!!HIROです!!スリランカの【SPA CEYLON LUXURY AYURVEDA】に行った時のお話し。スリランカと言えばアーユルヴェーダが有名ですね。という事で僕の大好きな【地球の歩き方スリランカ】を参考に行って参りました。

Hey! ! It is HIRO! ! I talked about when I went to Sri Lankan 【SPA CEYLON LUXURY AYURVEDA】. Speaking of Sri Lanka, Ayurveda is famous. I have been going with reference to my favorite 【How to walk the earth in Sri Lanka】.



地球の歩き方 スリランカより引用

【Releasing tiredness with Spa Ceylon】

Ayurvedic spa Ceylon products are often sold in popular places for tourists, such as Barefoot and Paradise Road. Bath goods such as soap, skin and hair care products are lost so much. Dutch hospital has its own shop, spa is also available. Because you can receive various kinds of treatments, shopping and get tired will be good. Do not forget to reserve.
How to walk the earth Quoted from Sri Lanka


This spa was quite comfortable. Scrub full body. Select the course of. 120 minutes 10000 Sri Lanka rupee. I do not know the average price of Japanese aesthetics and massage well, but in 120 minutes I felt that this price was profitable. For example, if you choose the same menu in Ginza, I think that I can not experience it at this price. When I experienced a full body with a bath a long time ago it feels like it was about 30,000 yen.


The interior also has a sense of luxury, feeling celebrities. The staff who took charge also feels good and polite customer service. The picture of the exterior is a picture of 【Dutch · Hospital】, but I went to a different store because I booked it twice and booked was so full that I could not enter right away. If you go to the [Dutch · Hospital] shop, it may be better to go after booking.


Besides beauty salons, occupations related to beauty are good. You can make people happy, not only the body, but also the mind is healed. I am a hairdresser, but I would like to engage in an esthetic salon, a nail salon, a depilation salon, beauty care profession as a work in the future. It is the best learning to experience everything by myself. I think that I will go to various places in Japan. See you then ~. 


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