【BLUE SKY HAIR SALON City Lights】in Sri Lanka



Hey! ! It is HIRO! ! I am writing it many times but I am in Japan now! I am going to study in various ways now so I am planning to stay in Japan. I had my hair cut in Malaysia, but I also cut it in Sri Lanka. Thank you very much.


It is a cute child. Even children go to any country is cute. I crossed it in front of the lake and cut it. It seemed that it was hot to wear a cloth while the temperature was high. Besides, the hair clipper has also broken, so it took me some time. It is pleasant to cut outside, but as the wind blows or the sunlight makes it difficult to see the hair, the side to cut and the side to cut is somewhat burdened. . . Thank you for staying still while still being small. Sorry I let you endure it’s hot. If there is a chance to get it done next, I will let it cut at a place with a mirror in a cool place ~. 


I am also grateful to my parents who made such opportunities. I was happy to have lunch on the way back. It was delicious at the hotel. It was a treat. I am not sure whether Japan is another country, Sri Lanka or another country, but I am looking forward to having an edge again! ! See you then ~.


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