OZO colomboのルーフトップバーがめちゃくちゃカッコイイ!


どもーす!!HIROです。今、日本にいます。ルミネのトイレがめちゃくちゃ綺麗だなと感動しています。ウォシュレットもあるし。なんならルミネのトイレに落ちた食べ物なら食べれるかもと思ってしまうくらいです。笑 ウソです。食べれません。笑

Hey! ! It is HIRO. I am in Japan now. I am touched by the luminaire’s toilet being insanely beautiful. There is a washlet. I wonder what I think if I eat the food I have fallen in the luminaire’s toilet I think that I can eat it. It is a lie that is lie. I can not eat it. Lol

スリランカで【OZO Colombo】というホテルのルーフトップバーに連れてっていただいた時のお話し。ほんと今回のスリランカは出会いに恵まれていて貴重な経験をさせていただきました。こちらのホテルのルーフトップバーはめちゃくちゃお洒落。お酒も御飯も美味しい。

I talked about when I took you to the hotel’s rooftop bar called “OZO Colomb” in Sri Lanka. Indeed this time Sri Lanka was blessed with encounters and gave me valuable experience. This hotel’s rooftop bar is super stylish. Both alcohol and rice are delicious.

There is a pool in the center, and tables are arranged side by side surrounding the pool. Interior decoration is also fashionable with a sense of luxury. The price is not expensive so much, it is a price that can be ordered normally. I think that it will take some to drink a lot of alcohol. I am very reasonable as a cup of Malibu is enough. It is rather a type that it costs on rice tofu.

夜景もめちゃくちゃ綺麗。海岸沿いの通りMarine driveを走る車のライトと建物のライトの光がとても綺麗。気持ちのいい音楽と波の音と心地の良い風。とても気持ちが良かった。出会いに感謝ですね。次はここのホテルに泊まってみようかな。それではまた〜。

Night view is also very beautiful. The light of the car running the Marine drive along the coast and the light of the building’s light are very beautiful. Pleasant music and sound of the waves and comfortable wind. I felt very comfortable. I appreciate encounter. Let’s stay at the hotel next time. See you then ~.


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