【Zouk Club kuala Lumpur】


どもーす!!HIROです!!今、日本に居ます。でもkuala Lumpurのクラブ【Zouk Club】に行った時のブログを書いてなかったので書いてみようかと。普段、夜遊びをしない人でも旅行に行った時くらい夜遊びをしたくなりますよね?僕は旅行以外でも遊びに行きますが。。。僕は趣味でDJをたまにやらせてもらう時がありますのでクラブは好きです。

Hey! ! It is HIRO! ! I am in Japan now. But I did not write a blog when I went to kuala Lumpur ‘s club 【Zouk Club】 so I should write it. Even people who usually do not play at night usually want to go out for a night as they went on a trip, did not they? I will go playing outside of my trip. . . I have a time to have DJs occasionally doing my hobby but I like clubs.


I do not speak much about the club industry or Dj’s skills because it is about a hobby, but I like to see music and people who gather in that space are having fun. Sometimes I have DJ doing, and there are times when I ask you to enter as a photographer. I also like to keep pictures of everyone’s fun. In the past I have had hair arrangements.

【楽しい!!】はどこの国も共通していて何よりも英語でお酒を飲みながらコミュニケーションをとるのはかなり英語の勉強になる。そしてみんなパワフル!!酒があまり呑めない僕はこうゆう時に損をする。もっと仲良くなりたいのに酒に負けて話せなくなる。笑 クワラルンプールのクラブの近くにはだいたいbar streetみたいなのがあって、こっちのstreetで御飯を食べてクラブに行くのも良し!!別の場所で御飯を食べてから行くのも良し!!です!

【pleasant! ! 】 Is in common with any country, it is quite a part of studying English to communicate in English with drinking. And everyone is powerful! ! I do not drink much so I lose it when I die. I want to get along better, I lose to drink and I can not talk. LOL There is something like bar street in the vicinity of the club of Kwara Lumpur, so it is good to go to the club after eating dinner at this street! ! It is good to go eat rice in another place! ! is!


There is a place where the floor is divided for each genre, you can play at your favorite genre, there are places like a rest and there are places where you can watch movies while sitting there. Good time talking with your friends while drinking while relaxing here if you feel tired! ! Since the sound is not an explosion, I can talk normally.

日本でクラブに行かない人も旅行に行った時くらい遊びに行ってみてはいかがでしょうか?だいたいオシャレに敏感な若者はここら辺に集まるみたいなので、美容師関係の方やアパレルの方におすすめです。あまりクラブに行かない人も是非!もしかしたらハマってしまうかもしれませんよ!!笑 あの非日常的空間に!!また行きたいな〜。マレーシア。ではまた〜。

Why do not people go to clubs in Japan when going on a trip? Perhaps I am going to be addicted! ! Laugh in that extraordinary space! ! I want to go again ~. Malaysia. see you~.


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