【Jetwing colombo Seven】に連れてっていただきました。



Hey! ! It is HIRO! ! I came to Sri Lanka on the fourth day. It is a very strong 3 days and it is fulfilling very much. I am filled with gratitude for giving various comments to the people I met in Sri Lanka once again realized the goodness of my luck again. Thank you very much.

2日目の夜に御飯に誘っていただき【Jetwing colomb Seven】に行ってきました。ホテルの最上階にあるこちらはプールがあり、お酒、御飯が食べられる。そして夜景も綺麗。

I invited him to dinner on the second night and went to 【Jetwing colomb Seven】. Located on the top floor of the hotel there is a swimming pool, where you can eat sake and rice. And the night view is also beautiful.

The meal was delicious, and the night view was also beautiful. I do not know much about the taste of sake because I can not drink so much, but it is surely delicious. And I learned a lot about it and I learned a lot. I never thought that I could do such a good experience on Sunday 2nd when I came to Sri Lanka. thank you very much.


Then we will update again so please read it when you have time! ! see you~.


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