BLUE SKY HAIR SALON City Lights in Kuala Lumpur



Hey! It is! My stay in Kwara Lumpur has also become slightly over. It is very disappointing. I want to be more honest and I want to meet lots of people. I want to learn more.


この前青空カットさせてもらいました。【BLUE SKY 】正にブルースカイ。【City Lights】はいつもカメラマンとしてイベントに入らせてもらう時の名前。DJする時もこれにしようかな。バックにプールとペトロナスツインタワー。でも風も吹いてたし片付けやブローを考えるとやりにくいので途中で場所を変えました。

I had my blue sky cut before this. 【BLUE SKY】 Exactly blue sky. [City Lights] is the name when you let me enter the event as a photographer all the time. I should do it when I do DJ. Pool and Petronas Twin Towers in the back. But I blown the wind and changed the place on the way as I thought about cleaning up and blowing it was hard to do.


After all the interior is the easiest to cut. There is no wind, there is also a dryer. Bob at Agorain who is easy to organize this time. There are various trends and so on, but considering the cohesion and maintenance, the in-roll one-curl is quite high at home. Bangs are on Eyebrows very cute.


It’s fun to only cut after after so I forgot to take before. The happiest moment when working in the salon is your smile when you showed the mirror the last finish. This is messed up. The moment when the sense of yourself matched with your sense by cutting the hair and answering the customer with the mirror at the end. The tension keeps on Max.


I had a meal of rice for gratitude. Malaysian cuisine nearby. Things like curry. I forgot to take the appearance of the shop. You quite forgot to take a picture, do not you think? The bar I went after was also nice, and there was my favorite Malibu coke. Southeast Asia is almost shocked without Malibu coke, but there are many shops in Malaysia. happy. And I did not take pictures here. The sweetness of packing is on. Well then again next time. See you~.


Reservations are accepted from September onwards. I think there is a possibility that it will be difficult to make a reservation. I’d appreciate it if you can put it in by August 20 so that I can adjust the time as much as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your consideration.


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